Need Plants In Low Or No Sunlight?

You CAN have a green thumb, even if you have low light in your home.

If you can relate, this is so going to be so exciting!!!  

First things first, what type of light do you haver? If you live in a home with not a lot of windows, or good lighting, you can still have an amazing array of beautiful house plants. Keep in mind, if your home faces south and has many windows, that area will have a higher level of sunlight. Medium indirect light would be your East / West facing rooms, and the rooms facing North are considered low lighting rooms. In some cases you may have a room that has no windows, it has been recommended to leave lights on in that room for 12 hours a day. Always remember to research each plant, even if they are compatible with low light. They may have other details that will support you in maintaining their beauty long term, such a watering cycles, desired temperatures, or soil mixture.

If you have done all the above and still don’t have that green thumb, no worries. It is not always your fault, as some plants can be very finicky. Experiment by moving them around, or even bottom watering them, and see if they perk back up.  

Here are 10 Houseplants that need little or no sunlight!

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