Let’s Plant It!

Interactive Plant Store

We are a unique create-your-own interactive retail plant store located in the heart of Downtown Melbourne! Stop in for an opportunity to create your own terrarium, dish garden or pot a new plant to bring home. No reservations needed!

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We went to Let’s Plant It today with our kids (11 & 2) and they both loved it!! We all had such a good time picking out the planters and the plants. They had such a good selection of pots to choose from!! We live in Cocoa but it was a drive well spent to do this. Our 2 year old definitely needed more of our help but our 11 year old did it all himself.

Victor C., April 10, 2021

This place is so much fun. We went for my 50th Birthday. I highly recommend a visit. You can make different size succulent terrariums. You all have your own station to make your plant, and you can add all sorts of fun items to make your terrarium to make it look fabulous. Great for events or a walk in. This is going to be a place I will take my friends and family.

Sonia K. March 30, 2021